Project Face Shield

San Diego

Total face shields delivered to date: 72,240

Who are we?

As part of the global fight against Covid-19, people in local communities are working together to help alleviate the shortage of protective equipment for healthcare personnel. Project Face Shield is a group of volunteers working to provide protective face shields to medical facilities in San Diego, California. To be able to produce the shields, we have partnered with a local nonprofit organization, Children Helping Children Intl, who are providing financial support and are involved in day-to-day operations.

What do we do?

We are making thousands of face shields using injection molding technology. The design of the face shield frame is by Erik Cederberg / 3DVerkstan, and has been approved by the NIH as part of its Covid-19 Supply Chain Response. The frames are being manufactured and donated by Custom Engineering Plastics in San Diego, CA. The tool for the frame was built and donated by Baird CAD/CAM Service in Oceanside, CA. In addition, some of the material for the frames was donated by Modified Plastics in Santa Ana, CA, and some of the plastic sheets were donated by Office Depot Store #814 in San Diego, CA. The frames as well as the shields themselves are readied, packaged, and distributed to medical facilities by our volunteers.

Current Status

We are no longer manufacturing face shields due to a decreased demand in our local medical facilities. Please contact us at with any questions.